Niels Siebenborn (d)


Prof. Peter Eckart
Dipl.-Des. Julian Schwarze

Diplom Gestaltung
Prof. Dr. Martin Gessmann

26 April 2019

The serious game MODY stimulates users to become acquainted with their traffic behaviour and to playfully influence it, in favour of ecological and social aspects, when commuting daily as well as occasionally. Further questions pertain to how the capture of modality by the application and a context capture by the user can be achieved. The components of the game should include an automatic recognition of the traffic modes used by the players, an open game principle, various motivational mechanisms, and a social multiplayer function. Depending on the location, players meet various characters during the course of the game. These can become companions of your own avatar and have different tasks. For example, the players help parcel carriers with their deliveries, or they find skateboard parts for skater girls; they plan the next flight together with pilots, or support scientists in drawing up research reports.

MODY came into existence within the framework of LOEWE Research Cluster—Mobility, in cooperation with TU Darmstadt Multimedia Communications Lab headed by Thomas Tregel, M.Sc. and the School of Design faculty of the HfG Offenbach.