Felix Krapp (k)

Diplom Gestaltung
Prof. Gunter Reski

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Christian Janecke

1 November 2019

The work of Felix Krapp often has its origin in his narratives and poems. Situated in the now, teenage fantasy love story Fi & Vain tells the story of the daily life of two young elves. The story Der Konstrukteur is about a world builder, a demigod, and is reminiscent of a mystical saga told to children around a campfire. The painting was inspired by Gothic architecture in the way the figure is portrayed as a walking building. In Felix Krapp’s texts, one often finds contemporary references, yet the mood is mainly caught up in the past. The future is rather strange in them. He regards his cosmos as a modern form of escapism. Our world often feels so explored and defined that we prefer to plunge into another. That is why he draws a lot of inspiration from animes, role play and fashion magazines. His interest in deconstruction in 80s and 90s fashion led to an overlapping of these thoughts and aesthetics. The models of that time often seem to come from another world.