Aldin Sakic (d)

Diplom Gestaltung
Prof. Frank Georg Zebner

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Klaus Klemp

26 April 2019

In order to maintain the minimum possible time to market, it is necessary to have a detailed knowledge of a chemical reaction system, already in the early phase of process development. The reason being, it enables decision-making to be made reliably in relation to synthesis and process management. For the implementation of fast reaction screenings, examination methods are therefore carried out that guarantee high information content, while simultaneously yielding short test times. A powerful process analytics that meets these requirements is based on the combination of continuous microreaction technology with calorimetric measurement technology.

Together with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, asdo design and research studio, a constantly running reaction calorimeter based on microreactors was redesigned, which allows the rapid screening of thermokinetic characteristics and provides researchers with the greatest possible ease of use.