Jingsi Li (k)


The Second Self

Diplom Gestaltung
Prof. Gunter Reski

10 May 2019

Perhaps life is about how to find oneself. I am in search of my second self, or a likely self. I want to see if it would suit me and where the comfort zones of both my selves lie. It is like looking into a mirror and having a conversation with myself. I think it is good for me to go beyond my comfort zones. I like searching for the other me, just like the way in which I love observing people on the street. You encounter yourself by watching others. You leave your own world of perception. In my Diplom I show myself in what I see when I am out and about: people, things, etc. The images could sometimes appear abstract, but the process of my change is visible in my works. It is, however, important for me too that others have their own viewpoint. After all, if we all saw and felt in the same way, there would be no chance for being individual.

Painting is an “adventure for the optic nerve”. – Pierre Bonnard

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Hans Zitko

When we talk about Pierre Bonnard, we think of Nabis, a special art group. The group dates back to September 1889, when Paul Sérusier, a student at the Julian institute of fine arts in Paris, met the impressionist master Paul Gauguin.

Guided by Gauguin’s art, Sérusier discovered a painting style with strong colours and strong decorative elements. Conscious of finding new artistic inspiration, he and several of his artist friends formed a group called Nabis, which means “prophet” in Hebrew.

In color, the members were deeply influenced by the impressionist master Guaguin’s “emphasis on color and simplification of form”. They ignore conventional perspective and prefer subjective perspective, and then create a subjective world with strong colours. In concept, they abandon realism and seek to reorganise the objective world with their own observation.

In addition, Nabis painters were deeply influenced by the decorative style of Japanese Ukiyo-e paintings. Therefore, they often use the strong adsorption picture materials such as card and paper instead of oil painting cloth to achieve the effect of natural color transition.

Pierre Bonnard is especially special among the Nabis. He thinks that painting is a copy of “the adventures of the optic nerve”. He also likes to depict dreams and memories, trying to show the shapes and colours captured by the naked eye above being given meaning. In addition, Bonnard was deeply influenced by Ukiyo-e painting art. His composition, color and technique of near and far can see the traces of Japanese prints art.

I like his work and I like some of his personal experiences. For example, he gave up being a lawyer and took up painting. He broke some rules and traditions to find what he really wanted to do. I think for me personality from the moment I decided to leave my University in China and study in Europe, I try to do the things what i really wann to do. I think our whole life maybe is about finding what you like, what you want to do or where you want to go.

Maybe i am still naïv to talking about life and live, but i really feeling much more that we are living sometimes in a circle. The circle here I mean for example: as we born we were a baby, and when we getting older and older is also like a baby. We are all or 80 Percent we are from starting until restarting in circle life. I mean as a designer or a artiste whatever you are right now, we could thinking firstly the Circle Life. Is a balance for me, or we should try to find the balance between the way you are right now, and What you do before, and the lived moment.

For me the true of art is also to represented the way you are. What you think, you see, you feeling… We are doing what we liked, loved and really enjoy it. Hopefully every one could find one by themselves. Art, here i mean is not only just painting. There is no rules or limit for me to separated the ART like music, writing or painting… For me they are all called ART.

Like Bonnard, he exploring new things is not just about painting techniques and materials. I think more about the growth and experience of people themselves. As we grow, we become more and more aware of what we want, and who we want to be…

We go to different places, see different sceneries, and try to talking with different people. It’s like I’m learning a new language. With language as the door, we could better understanding different cultures and communicate with each other. Maybe it’s more out of my strong curiosity. We try different things, just as we try to express what we see in different ways. Then present them in different types of media.

My Diplom plan still wants to continue to observe life, which is the inspiration of my creation and works. Maybe this time is little different because most of the time I spent doing my Diplom in Porto, Portugal. I hope this experience will give me new stimulation, inspiration, and motivation. In fact, the process of our own growth is also a process of continuous reconstruction and renovation. I really enjoy the way what I moved, changed, and only yourself could know the beauty and hardship of it. But I want to be able to put these feelings into my works.

Most times as I sketching on the street, I like to observe people on the street, just as we like to travel to different places. I think this process of observation and walking is also a way of finding myself. Human life is also looking for our own way.

So my Diplom These name it could be “The Way you are”. As we observe others, we also return to see ourselves. See what you want, what you want to draw, or how you want to draw it. Like Bonnard, his works present strongly what he sees, and feeling with thinking. I like his works, whether they are color or parts of his life expression.

But that’s not to say that I’m going to imitate his techniques of works. Research his works and read his experiences is also a part of my Diplom. Because it’s also a process of observation. And maybe i could see something similar of myself…Of course it would be nice if I could find some connection between my own works and his works.



2006 until 2008
University Jiangnan, China Visuelle Communication Design & Interior Design BA

2010 until 2013
Weißensee academy of art Berlin, Textile and Surface Design BA

2013 until 2015
University Potsdam, Communication Design, Illustration BA

2015 until 2019
Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, Diplom-Designer

2007 until 2008
Internship in JINDOU Design company in Shanghai, China VI, CI, and Product Design, Movie Production

Printing technique workshop with James, London, GB

2012 until 2012
Project with Designer David Littler, York, GB

Workshop with Design company Row Color, Eindhoven, NL

2012 until 2013
Work with Green Workshop Wendland, project for company Voelkel

left to right Poster Exhibition in Communication Museum, Berlin

 Top 10, the 12. Design Competition for
greeting cards in Paper-world, Expo Frankfurt

2016 Exhibition in Galerie Art Supplement, Göttingen 07.2016 
Exhibition Linien Toy, Offenbach

2017 Exhibition in Galerie Station, Offenbach
Interview Offenbach-Post Newspaper

2018 until 2019
Exchange Program in Porto, P