Jennifer Wagner (k)

Diplom Gestaltung
Prof. Gunter Reski

Diplom Theory
Prof. Dr. Hans Zitko

1 November 2019

Landscape is becoming fragile. It is being brutishly ripped apart. Painting, monotypes and the painting materiality on Chinese rice paper—these processes occur alternately. The paper is painted and printed, then printed and painted again. It is left to lie, picked up again, and is in a constantly expanding process. The paper sometimes sticks to the canvas soggily, sometimes finely, both broken and torn as well as translucent and transparent. The materiality, pieces, fragments, and picture elements, remind us of a landscape we know. The starting point lies in Chinese painting: the system of Shan Shui (known as mountains and water, a thousand years old tradition of landscape painting) and the negotiation the individual undertakes in facing the world.